First of all, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Bogdan-Ioan Teleabă, I am 23 years-old and I come from Romania. I consider myself as being an active individual, passionate about sports and dynamic activities. From hicking to playing football, running and swimming, I love to split my spare time between sports and traveling. 

I can say with no hesitation that my biggest passion is and has always been design. I have always been into technology, internet, computers and their connections. I loved to discover new things, new features, new possibilities and be up to date with the latest trends.

If we go few years back, my first real interaction with design and computers is dated 12 years ago. I used to create Photoshop artworks for different football teams and players I was admiring since I was 11 years-old. From editing videos and even making the first steps in HTML, I experienced all these from a young age.

Jumping to 2016, after graduating the High School in my hometown in Romania, I took one of the most important decisions for this journey. I decided to go further and follow my passion.

Here starts my journey in Denmark. I always admired the Danish educational system and the freedom they offer to the students.

Because of that, in 2016 I became a Multimedia Design And Communication student in International Business Academy Kolding, Denmark. 

Here I spent two very intense years. I developed a lot of new skills and understood that there is no way back, I will never see myself doing anything else.

The main subjects I studied there was Graphic design, Web design, Web interaction ( HTML, CSS, CMS ), Design Communication and Design Business. 

Being a student in IBA Kolding offered me the opportunity to be part of a group of students who travelled to San Francisco on a Study Trip. I had the real honour to participate to conferences in companies like Facebook, Google, Adobe or LinkedIn. I had the chance to speak with employees in few of the biggest institutions in the world and see how they work and what is their vision for the future of technology.

As an individual who believes in continuous development and improvement and being passionate about learning new stuff and developing new skills, I decided to continue to study in Denmark.

Since 2019 I am a Web Development student in Business Academy South West Esbjerg, Denmark.

I decided to take this education because I believed beside design I also need to have knowledge about programming. 

The main subjects studied here are UX/UI Design, CMS Development ( WordPress ), Web Development ( HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Laravel, Vue.JS, Ionic, Angular, etc ).

In january 2021 I will graduate Web Development Bachelor Degree. At the moment of writing this, I am also working on the Final Thesis ( Design and Prototype of a mobile app by choice ).

Working experience

Since 2017 I am working remotely for a Romanian company called Business Promotion. The main tasks here are graphic design ( social media campaigns, promotional materials, printing, branding, etc) and web design ( build websites in WordPress and Wocommerce ).

During the last years, I have been working for different companies as a freelancer.

When it comes to Web Design, this year I have created over 12 websites for various companies as a freelancer.

Regarding graphic design, I am usually creating identity for companies ( logo, business cards, flyers, etc ) , create design for social media and I am also a Youtube Thumbnails designer for few important Youtubers around the world. I did not count all the Photoshop artworks created this year, but I aproximate the number is higher than 2.000.

Skills and Knowledge

As already mentioned above, I work fluently in Photoshop using it on a daily basis. Other design softwares I work with are Illustrator and InDesign. 

The design for all the website I have created is made in Adobe XD or Sketch. 

Rearding Web Development, I work on a daily basis with WordPress and Woocommerce, I fluently work in HTML and CSS, and I have basic knowledge of Bootstrap, PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Angular, Ionic and other programming languages and frameworks.

In this domain I consider that anything can be learnt. There is a lot of information on the internet about all the softwares, programming languages and frameworks. As I already mentioned, I am passionate about learning and developing skills and knowledge, and I am interested in learning any skill needed for a specific project. 

Language skills

Because of the fact that the courses in Denmark were in English, before moving to Denmark, I had to pass the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English. 

Salary expectations

When it comes to remuneration, I expect as much as the volume of work and implication required. I am flexible and open to negotiations but as an expected monthly salary, I say 2.600EUR net.


For me, one of the most valuable thing in the world is freedom. I love the freedom. I love to be free, to travel, to discover, to experience. 

I can not consider design a proper job. I do it because i love it and I do it since I was 11 years old. It happens very often to sit in front of the computer without realising how the time is passing. 

From my point of view, the best version of a Design position is a remote one. I like to work in different places, from home, in a restaurant or on a beach. This helps me be creative and build things that help other individuals or businesses.

I consider that my vision about the ideal job perfectly describes the values and vision of The Remote Company. Because of that, I would love to be part of it and join the community. 

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